Bárbaros is one of the largest samba team, 'samba de escola', in Japan.

Bárbaros is also famous for its long history! The team was establised in 1980, when the Asakusa Carnival had first originated to take place. Having started with a small group at that time, after 27 years time, we are currently 200 dancers and a big percussion group of 80 members (called 'Bateria') including a few professional singers, 'cantores'. (Remember that all the words in the brackets are Portuguese!)

In the 27 years history of Asakusa Samba Carnival, we ever got the victory 16 times! In 1999, we marked the record of seventh consecutive victory in the history.

No border in age, gender, profession, or skill. Only you have to love samba if you are interested in joining Bárbaros! We can just enjoy together the rhythm of passionate music and dance with a big smile!

Need to add that samba is not only for summer events. No doubt, as a summer feature, there are opportunities to show our performance more in summer, however we can't be lazy even in winter too. We regularly practice, 'ensaio', with all in every month. It is fixed on the 2nd & 4th Sunday afternoon in the month in a studio, where you brush up your dance and instruments, and also you can meet good mates.

With only a web page, we can not tell you how much the samba is an attractive culture and how we are a fun group. So please feel free to visit us when our 'ensaio' is open.

Can't wait for your visit!

If you take an interest in the activities of Bárbaros,
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